No one gets to be a pro bike racer without hard, hard training, but for many people who do make the grade, training is easy. The daily routine of eat, train, sleep provides comfort and order. However, when it comes time to rest and allow the hard work to metastasize, they cannot do it. Rest and recovery is equally important to training, and the obsessive behavior that drives many athletes will not allow the down time.

We see the fallout…racers abandoning all of their gear in a hotel room in Timbuktu and leaving for home. The shooting star who makes it from Cat 5 to Cat 1 in one year, then is out of the sport a year later. Cycling will take as much as you give it. It will devour your time, your money, your family, and your body. Taking time to rest and refresh is the only way to survive.


—Tad Hamilton, Director Sportif


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